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Movin’ movin’ movin’…….

March 30, 2005 Leave a comment

A Picture Share!
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Figured I’d get started packing my desk, as we’ll be moving to the new office building in a little over a month see a photo here
For those of you that have seen my desk know that this is the cleanest/emptiest it’s been in a LONG time. I never knew I kept that much junk in/on/around it! Who knew it would fit that much?!
Spring has definitely started to show itself, bumblebees are buzzing Taya and the kids as they plant more in our rock garden today (pix coming soon) on the back hill. starting to look really nice! Now if the leaves on the remaining trees would hurry up to block the awful view of the un-forest things would look pretty good out front too!
Oh well, guess we gotta wait on mother nature.
Y’all be good, talk at ya later! 🙂

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I know Easter’s over, but gotta share these

March 29, 2005 Leave a comment

easter eggs
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We got brave this year, and let the kids dye eggs. I had visions of purple walls, green ceilings, and red floors. But everything went well, other than the little incident with the easter eggs that wouldn’t bounce. They actually came out quite well, and I just had to share the kids artwork with everyone.

easter eggs easter eggs

Nothing much going on around here (laugh, laugh). But that’s another post. Enjoy the photos and I’ll have more to say later!

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Happy Easter!!!!

March 27, 2005 Leave a comment

A Picture Share!
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Happy Easter everyone!! The gang woke up about 6:30 or so this morning – even earlier than Christmas morning.

The Easter bunny Easter Bunnies in training left eggs in all the kids’ rooms last night, so they found ’em as soon as they woke up. The twins came running in, telling us all about the Easter bunny. Ian and Austin got monster trucks, Hannah got a new “fish barbie” (mermaid), and Little Matt got a nice John Deere tractor. Everyone had a nice healthy breakfast of chocolate, Jelly beans, and Goldfish.
Hope everyone else’s Easter is just as good!

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Wendy’s Sales Drop After Finger Found In Chili – ICK!!!

March 26, 2005 1 comment – News – Wendy’s Sales Drop After Finger Found In Chili
No kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never liked their chili to begin with, and I don’t think I’ll be eating any soon!!! Well, Hannahs Easter Dress is all done, and now Ian and Little Matt have Easter outfits too – featuring characters from one of their latest fav movies – The Incredibles. Austin’s the only one left – he’s getting Robots – not from the movie, just some random robots. That’s next on Taya’s project list. I spent most of the day installing a new “irrigation system”. We did sell Tabby the Taurus yesterday, but not to Carmax. Taya’s brother Ray (who’s been trying to sell it for us for a couple weeks at his shop) just realized that it seats 6 and decided to buy it himself. Took care of all the paperwork yesterday. So now we have 2 cars and 2 drivers. makes MUCH more sense! Getting ready for the Easter bunny’s visit tomorrow. The twins remember last year’s visit, and how he found us in the hotel @ Myrtle Beach. They also remember the plastic eggs with “goldfish and jellybeans” in them. So, of course Mr Floppy Ears has to do a repeat performance.
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter tomorrow!!!

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Wish we were there……

March 24, 2005 Leave a comment

Or any other beach!!! MMMM, sand in the toes, collecting seashells with the kids, building sand castles. Last year @ Easter we spent the weekend at Myrtle Beach, Easter’s a little too early this year though. But, soon we will be aquiring a popup camper from my Grandfather.
Hopefully we can do some more camping like we did last year.
We had a blast doing that, even with the infestation of carpenter ants in the cabin! Camping with 4 small kids actually is relaxing – believe it or not! And with the camper it’ll be nice to be somewhat “permanently packed” just throw some clothes in a bag, hook up and go. Or at least that’s the plan. Called and talked to the (RUDE!!!) folks at the DMV about what you need to register, etc, etc. Never done this sorta thing before, but it doesn’t sound hard at all.
Probably gonna take our old friend “Tabby the Taurus” down to CarMax tomorrow and sell her off. We’ve been a 2 driver/3 car family for almost a year now, it’s kinda silly. We have 2 vans and a car, but only 2 of us are anywhere near driving age (sorry Little Matt!). Since both our vans are around the 10 year old mark, it makes more sense to keep 2 vehicles that fit the whole gang in case (read; “when”) something goes wrong with one of the modes of transportation. Besides, all we’ve been doing is loaning Tabby out to friends/people at church. Be sad to see her go – she brought the twins home from the hospital when they were “brand new”. I still remember driving away, thinking any minute someone is gonna stop us and ask if we’re qualified to do this. Some days I still half expect that!
Y’know, I find it absolutely hilarious that people ask US for parenting advice now. Taya seems to have a much better handle on this parenting thing than I do, but I try. Still, what makes us qualified to answer questions on the topic?? Strange. I guess 90% of parenting is common sense/instinct and the rest you just make up as you go along? Something like that.
Anyway, this is starting to ramble a bit….. Happy “Friday Eve”

Ok, gotta be like everyone else…….
You are .mp3 The kids love you.  You get along with just about everybody except the music industry.  You really make yourself heard.
Which File Extension are You?

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Baby on board…. what the???

March 23, 2005 Leave a comment

A Picture Share!
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Ok, just messing – Little Matt really isn’t driving. Ran across this pix, thought it was pretty funny. Hope everyone’s doing good today, been a little down about all “our” missing trees, but hey – couple hundred years and they’ll all grow back again. No biggy 🙂
Week is half over, hopefully we’ll get another nice weekend and continue beautifying the back yard where you can’t see the un-forest. Talked to a realtor the other night, gonna try and sell and get out, not real likely, but it’s worth trying. At least get us out of the situation we’re in now, so we can kinda start over with different neigbors, even if we have to rent for a while. Home ownership is nice, but renting’s not all that bad either…..
To quote “tater salad” Ron White –
“sometimes life gives you lemons, find someone who’s life is giving them vodka and have a party”. Ya think he has a prinking droblem? 🙂
gonna sign off for now – happy hump day!

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I’m not a tree-hugger………

March 22, 2005 Leave a comment

A Picture Share!
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but this is pretty sad….. Hate to see all these trees go…. Used to look out our windows and see nothing but trees, trees and more trees. Now we’ve got an almost clear view of traffic…….. Oh well, guess I gotta get used to it.

Taya’s in the process of making Hannah’s easter dress, she’s really excited about it. Gonna look super cool!!

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