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Friday at last

Well, it’s Friday, FINALLY. Been one heck of a week. We have our annual company banquet to look forward to Saturday night. Was postponed due to bad weather back in January. Will be a nice distraction from all the craziness going on around us. Don’t really want to go into detail now….. too much on my mind to fit it all here. Let’s just say that life outside the 4 walls of our house is not something I’d wish on anyone right now. Inside all is well – everyone’s healthy, finally. We’re just kinda waiting for things around us to explode. Again.
The insanity from 3 years ago is paying another visit. This time worse, since the kids are older, they understand more of what’s going on. Too much, I think. They haven’t really said anything, but they know things aren’t right……
Wow, there’s the rock, the hard place, throw a little dynamite and some old unstable nitro-glycerin in there. Fun, fun, fun.
Ok, enuf dwelling on the bad stuff.
It’s FRIDAY – weekend time!

– Matt

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