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You know you’re from NC when…….

A Picture Share!
Originally uploaded by baldwinmk.

Ok, you’ve heard all the jokes about the south; but just ran across something “you don’t see every day”. Sitting in the parking lot, next to the local Wendy’s when up comes a couple folks on horses, and they proceed to go thru the drive thru!
Enjoying a nice spring-y (finally!!) day, stopped by Lowes for some plants/shrubs/groundcover type stuff. Could spring finally be here? I hope so!
Ever since moving to NC from NY I’m tolerating cold weather less and less. I guess it’s true they say your blood “thins out” when you live in the south. Mine must make water look thick now, can’t stand cold weather. Have always hated cloudy gray weather though. Give me Carolina blue skies and 90 degrees, and I’m good to go!
Gonna go round up the kids and get ’em to go plant these shrubs….
Well, they’ll probably watch from the sandbox while Taya and I do the work 🙂

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