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Easter eggs don’t bounce!

Easter Eggs!
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The kids dyed easter eggs yesterday. Taya hardboiled a couple dozen eggs, and they dyed them all their favorite colors, put little happy face stickers on, etc. They had a really good time, although Hannah doesn’t seem to know her own strength and a few got cracked.
Afterwards, I was trying to turn Ian’s hands back to a normal color; washing them in the kitchen sink, trying to get the dye off. I had my back to the table, and Little Matt came wandering in. I heard a *giggle* then “baawll” then *SPLAT*. Didn’t quite make the connection, until I heard it again – *giggle*, “baawwl”, *SPLAT*. Turns out Little Matt has learned a new word – Ball – and saw the pretty colorful “balls” on the table. He decided he’d try bouncing a few. And as we all know – Easter eggs don’t bounce. He was kinda disappointed, and Ian was really upset, one of them was one of the eggs he’d done. But once I explained to him we could eat it now, he seemed to be OK. Guess we’ll be having deviled eggs real soon.
All in all a good weekend, enjoyed getting outside in the sunshine, planted some pretty plants. We’re starting a “rock garden” on the slope behind the house, gonna look a lot nicer than the half grass/half mud that’s been there for the past few years.
Hope things are warming up a bit for the rest of y’all. Spring is finally arriving, and it can’t come soon enough!

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  1. March 21, 2005 at 4:32 pm

    Hee hee hee-thats’ funny!Happy early easter!

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