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Baby on board…. what the???

A Picture Share!
Originally uploaded by baldwinmk.

Ok, just messing – Little Matt really isn’t driving. Ran across this pix, thought it was pretty funny. Hope everyone’s doing good today, been a little down about all “our” missing trees, but hey – couple hundred years and they’ll all grow back again. No biggy 🙂
Week is half over, hopefully we’ll get another nice weekend and continue beautifying the back yard where you can’t see the un-forest. Talked to a realtor the other night, gonna try and sell and get out, not real likely, but it’s worth trying. At least get us out of the situation we’re in now, so we can kinda start over with different neigbors, even if we have to rent for a while. Home ownership is nice, but renting’s not all that bad either…..
To quote “tater salad” Ron White –
“sometimes life gives you lemons, find someone who’s life is giving them vodka and have a party”. Ya think he has a prinking droblem? 🙂
gonna sign off for now – happy hump day!

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