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Wish we were there……

Or any other beach!!! MMMM, sand in the toes, collecting seashells with the kids, building sand castles. Last year @ Easter we spent the weekend at Myrtle Beach, Easter’s a little too early this year though. But, soon we will be aquiring a popup camper from my Grandfather.
Hopefully we can do some more camping like we did last year.
We had a blast doing that, even with the infestation of carpenter ants in the cabin! Camping with 4 small kids actually is relaxing – believe it or not! And with the camper it’ll be nice to be somewhat “permanently packed” just throw some clothes in a bag, hook up and go. Or at least that’s the plan. Called and talked to the (RUDE!!!) folks at the DMV about what you need to register, etc, etc. Never done this sorta thing before, but it doesn’t sound hard at all.
Probably gonna take our old friend “Tabby the Taurus” down to CarMax tomorrow and sell her off. We’ve been a 2 driver/3 car family for almost a year now, it’s kinda silly. We have 2 vans and a car, but only 2 of us are anywhere near driving age (sorry Little Matt!). Since both our vans are around the 10 year old mark, it makes more sense to keep 2 vehicles that fit the whole gang in case (read; “when”) something goes wrong with one of the modes of transportation. Besides, all we’ve been doing is loaning Tabby out to friends/people at church. Be sad to see her go – she brought the twins home from the hospital when they were “brand new”. I still remember driving away, thinking any minute someone is gonna stop us and ask if we’re qualified to do this. Some days I still half expect that!
Y’know, I find it absolutely hilarious that people ask US for parenting advice now. Taya seems to have a much better handle on this parenting thing than I do, but I try. Still, what makes us qualified to answer questions on the topic?? Strange. I guess 90% of parenting is common sense/instinct and the rest you just make up as you go along? Something like that.
Anyway, this is starting to ramble a bit….. Happy “Friday Eve”

Ok, gotta be like everyone else…….
You are .mp3 The kids love you.  You get along with just about everybody except the music industry.  You really make yourself heard.
Which File Extension are You?

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