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Wendy’s Sales Drop After Finger Found In Chili – ICK!!!

WXII12.com – News – Wendy’s Sales Drop After Finger Found In Chili
No kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never liked their chili to begin with, and I don’t think I’ll be eating any soon!!! Well, Hannahs Easter Dress is all done, and now Ian and Little Matt have Easter outfits too – featuring characters from one of their latest fav movies – The Incredibles. Austin’s the only one left – he’s getting Robots – not from the movie, just some random robots. That’s next on Taya’s project list. I spent most of the day installing a new “irrigation system”. We did sell Tabby the Taurus yesterday, but not to Carmax. Taya’s brother Ray (who’s been trying to sell it for us for a couple weeks at his shop) just realized that it seats 6 and decided to buy it himself. Took care of all the paperwork yesterday. So now we have 2 cars and 2 drivers. makes MUCH more sense! Getting ready for the Easter bunny’s visit tomorrow. The twins remember last year’s visit, and how he found us in the hotel @ Myrtle Beach. They also remember the plastic eggs with “goldfish and jellybeans” in them. So, of course Mr Floppy Ears has to do a repeat performance.
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter tomorrow!!!

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  1. April 3, 2005 at 4:39 am

    Taya, I meant to tell you earlier-Hannah’s dress is beautiful!

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