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Ok, so we’re freaks – but we had a good time!

A Picture Share!
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More and more I’m coming to realize how “freaky” our family is. We’re not the normal size of Mom+Dad+1.7 kids, or Single/Divorced parent with 1.7 kids, or whatever society’s version of “normal” is. It seems that if you have more than 2 children these days, you’re considered a freak.
Well, I love being a freak then, I really do. I wouldn’t have it any other way, even though we get all kinds of comments like “I’m glad I’m not you” (well we’re glad you’re not us too!), or “how on earth do you do it?” (we just do….) or the most annoying one: “Poor thing” (no we’re not poor, we’re not rich either, and we don’t want your friggin’ pity!).
What I don’t get is why society penalizes us for having more than the “normal” amount of kids; we had to pay $2 extra per kid for our 6 bed kabin this weekend (why do we have to pay $2/person for more than 4 people for a 6 bed cabin?). Or when we tried to take all 4 of the kids on the little kiddie boat ride @ Carowinds – 2 kids with us in each of the boats, and the attendant let us wait in line, pile in, THEN asked us to get out since we “didn’t fit” (HUH???). The sign @ the ride even said 2-3 riders per boat. Oh well…..
Sorry, had to comment on that. But we did have a GREAT time this weekend. BEAUTIFUL weather, was supposed to rain all day Saturday, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and Sunday was just as nice. Everyone came home exhausted and sunburned. Here’s a quick rundown of our weekend:
Sat AM – (Big)Matt, Ian, Austin & Hannah went over to Food Bank to help wash their delivery trucks. A Picture Share!

Then (Big)Matt borrowed Cliff’s pressure washer and washed the siding and porch of the house while Taya packed the van for the trip. Made an impromptu stop @ Lowes motor speedway in Charlotte, as we had heard that the cars from Monster Garage were at the car show/swap meet this weekend. Spent a couple hours wandering the infield looking for them, but never found ’em. Was a bit of a bust, but oh well. (Little)Matt got a kick out of all the cars – he calls ’em “Vrooms”. Rode around in his stroller “I want VROOM” 🙂
Went from the speedway to our Kampground in Fort Mills SC. Spend the rest of the day playing on playground, cooking hot dogs, meeting our neighbors, making S’mores A Picture Share!
and just generally having a good time. Had a wonderful evening. Night time was a bit of a challenge, but it usually is in a strange place with little ones. Hannah seemed to have a real hard time. Didn’t get a whole lotta sleep, but the beds weren’t very comfy anyway. Sunday we decided against taking the shuttle from the Kampground to Carowinds – didn’t wanna cramp our style by going by someone else’s schedule.
We had a really good time @ Carowinds, spent 90% of the time in the “nick jr.” area, as most all of the other rides were a bit beyond the kids. A Picture Share!

I did take the twins on a log flume ride, they both had a blast until Ian got wet, then he was done with it. Austin just grinned the whole time. A Picture Share! Hannah was upset that she couldn’t go on it, but Taya took her and (Little)Matt souvenir shopping and got her a Dora hat and (Little)Matt a stuffed hairy monster. Everyone was pretty worn out by about 3, so, after a trip to souvenir store for the twins (Ian – “Blueberry” the stuffed bear, Austin – “Strawberry” stuffed monkey) we headed for home, sunburned, tired but happy.

Now we’re back to “the real world”….
Back to the “day to day”…..

I wish this weekend could have lasted forever……although a 2-room Kabin with no running water might get a tad bit tedious as long term living 🙂

It was nice while it lasted.

Hope everyone else had a GREAT weekend too!

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  1. April 11, 2005 at 7:31 pm

    Hey, glad you guys had a good time-who cares about being freaks! They are the freaks for charging extra. Money hungry jerks! Freaks Unite!

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