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Not sure if I like that glint

You have a new Picture Mail
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The look Little Matt gets on his face when he’s “painting” the floors scares me a bit, makes me VERY careful to put all the paints well out of his reach. Taya finished the majority of the painting all by herself – even with her bum knee. That girl never ceases to amaze me. Even after falling down the steps while carrying Hannah, sacrificing her already bad knee to make sure Hannah didn’t crack her head on the sidewalk, the next day she starts in on painting the twins room. I wish I had her gumption! I’m SOOOOO glad she’s on my team! 🙂
She’s recovering, although still limping pretty good (yes, honey I notice the limp!)
Well, we now have a suitably marketable “generic” paint scheme in our house. Gone are the custom stencils that Taya did 4 years ago. Nothing but shades of yellow, tan and blue. Boring, but according to the realtor that’s what you gotta do “so people can imagine their stuff in the house”. Ok… But I hope someone comes and at least looks at it soon, the boring scheme is, well, boring.
Sun is still shining, leaves are coming out in full force. Spring is here at last! Been 70’s and low 80’s most of the week. I love it!!! Can’t wait for 90! Then I can dig out my shorts. Gonna take the kids fishing this weekend; something they’ve been wanting to do for a while. Ought to be interesting, especially sticking the worm on the hook. I can hear the kids now – “You’re hurting him”. Then if we actually catch anything – whoa!
I’ll send some pix of our adventures.
Take care, and until next time……

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