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Aren’t I cute?

Little Biker Boy
Originally uploaded by baldwinmk.

Just got some photos from Grampa Howe that he took while he was here. This one just seemed so cute I had to share. Little Biker “dude” (as Hannah calls him – “wittle dood”) on his sister’s trike. Glad it’s friday, hope to do something fun this weekend, Taya’s been busting her butt (and knee) getting the house ready to show, let’s just hope we have someone to show it to!!!!
PLEASE keep those prayers/good thoughts coming our way. Pray for us to sell this place and quickly. That’ll be the first step, in a series of steps that need to happen for our “project” to fall into place. Email me if you’re curious about it 🙂 Be happy to share what sketchy details we have with you. Maybe you can be a part of it, who knows? A small part of our inspiration is here –
that’s just a small piece of it, there’s more that I’ll be happy to share via email one on one…. still just an infant idea that Taya and I want to take and grow into something big.
Anyway – take care, and thanks for rooting for us, thanks for the prayers, good thoughts, etc. – things are starting to turn around, and look much brighter!
PS – got some sad news today – a longtime friend of the family, Dick Gaylord, who was a HUGE help to my Grandmother (Mom’s mom) over the years and has lung cancer, is not doing well. Please keep him an his family in your thoughts & prayers as well. They’ve been great to the family over the years.
Thanks again, until next time…….

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