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"Princess" Hannah :-)

“Princess” Hannah
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Couldn’t resist snapping this pix as Taya and I were doing our nightly routine of checking the kids, on our way off to bed last night. Hannah has started wearing her little Princess crown she got for Christmas(?) all the time, in fact when she got up this morning, it was still on. And she loves to sing the “Backyardigans” song – “I-Love-Being-a-Princess” over and over and over. Guess she’s got big plans to become part of a royal family?
Nothing much new here, I’m busy getting work moved, Taya’s knee is healing, kids are doing ok, considering all the upheaval in their life. They’re cool with the idea of us selling the house, but will miss playing with “Wobbee” (Robbie), their friend up the street, every Teusday. Hope to hear something about the house soon, is really hard waiting like this. Taya about killed herself getting it ready, and now we’re just kinda sitting around…….
Heard from Grampa Howe – he’s having a blast in Florida with my Aunt Gail, Uncle Tom, and Cousin Marina (who I haven’t seen in 7+ years!). Have talked to a few others lately, seems like everyone is doing pretty well. For those I haven’t heard from lately – hope things are good in your life.
Keep the prayers coming this way, and we’ll send some everyone else’s way!
Until next time…..

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