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Not so little anymore

Not so little anymore
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Wow, this pix is a little sad, but exciting at the same time. Went to the park after dinner last night, Little Matt wanted to be just like his big brother & sister and swing on the “big kid” swings. I put him up there and gave him a little push. He hung on just fine, and had a great time.
A little sad… kinda makes me realize again how fast they’re growing up. I can still remember the moment every one of them were born, how tiny they were, now all 4 of them are so big, so independant (most of the time). Well, maybe extremely nostalgic would be a better description; nostalgic for being able to hold them in the palm of my hand, have them fall asleep in my arms.
But at the same time exciting…. it’s amazing to watch them grow, change, their personalities develop. Ian is SO creative, artistic, and wants to tell you about everything. Austin, so sweet and caring, but SUCH a “boy” (worms, frogs, etc), a little shy, but I think once his speech is squared away the shyness will be gone. Hannah is going to be JUST like her Mommy – beautiful, sweet, but STUBBORN, and have a bit of a temper; slow to burn, but when it does LOOK OUT! Little Matt’s personality is still forming, but I think he’s gonna be the “class clown”, but he’s also TOO SMART for his own good. I think he’s picking up a lot from his siblings, but he learns so fast.
They’re all so smart and loving, and they so want to please their parents that sometimes it makes you wanna cry.
They’re all so different, but they’re all THE BEST kids a Daddy could ever ask for. I thank God for giving them to Taya and I. I really don’t feel I’m worthy of such a gift, but hey, I’ll take ’em!!
Nothing new in the way of selling the house, but we’re SO wanting it to sell. That’s one of the big steps in our project, which is still morphing, changing, taking shape. Kind of unsure about things now, a lot of feedback from people we’ve talked to around here has been a bit negative, or more discouraging, like “how on earth do you plan on doing that?”
We don’t have the answer to that, but it will come.
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. We really want this to take hold, we feel it’s something important for us to do, and God willing it will happen. It’s important both for us, it’s something we were meant to do, and it’s SO important for the people that it will benefit.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, so many of you are, and we SO appreciate it. We appreciate and love our family and friends more than we ever let on, but we really do! Thank you!

Until next time…..

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