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A little blurry, but….Opie?

Fishin’ Fools
Originally uploaded by baldwinmk.

made us start wistling the Andy Griffith show theme song. Kinda reminded us of Opie. Taking ’em fishing tomorrow for real this weekend. We actually went and bought them fishing poles today. I hope our nightmares of hooks stuck in heads/arms/legs don’t come true! You’ll have to ask Taya about that when she was little. Went fishing with her brother Ray, and got a hook stuck in his head. She didn’t quite connect the fact that every time she jerked on the line she heard “OW”.
My experiences with fishing are more what Ian has been having today. A lot of tangles, knots, and having to cut the line a whole lot. Austin is a natural, he can cast the practice lure about 30 feet with no problem, just about exactly where he wants it to go. Hannah… well….She’s very impressed that her fishing pole has a Barbie on it.
I’ll try and get some pix of fishing tomorrow. Ought to be interesting, as Taya is terrified of fish. If we actually catch something tomorrow Ian wants to keep it as a pet. Or eat it. He’s not sure.
Until next time…..

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