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To the zoo again!

Any fish in there?
Originally uploaded by baldwinmk.

Spent the day at the zoo again today, had a blast. We bought a 3 year membership to the NC zoo, so any trip to the zoo are a “freebie”. Spent the whole time in the “Africa” section, checked out the elephants, rhinos (the animal with the “honk” on it’s head), giraffes, lions, monkeys, and chimps. And a copperhead…. no not part of the zoo exhibit, it wandered out onto the path in front of us. luckily there was someone there experienced in handling snakes (I guess). He grabbed a stick, held it down and grabbed it up to take it off to a staff member. Braver than me!!!!
Had a good time, enjoy the pix, will try and keep this site updated a little better – sorry I’ve been a little lax lately!

Ok, which one is the real monkey?
Silly Monkeys
Close up of elephants
Climbing on a rhino’s back
riding a rhino
Sliding down the rhino.
cliding on the rhino

Until next time…..

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