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The most peaceful and beautiful place on earth…..

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Hey all –
Just got back from a long weekend at Saint Simons island

St. Simons Lighthouse in the Village

off the coast of Brunswick, Ga. Had the most AMAZING time there, and met some of the most INCREDIBLE folks; both the locals and some of the people staying at the facility we stayed at – Epworth by the Sea.

Kid's fav fountain @ Epworth (behind museum)

Epworth is a Christian retreat center, owned and operated by the Southern Methodist Convention, but is open to the public, for folks to stay there, visit, etc. It’s a VERY special place – even the kids recognize it. We wandered into this tiny little chapel on the banks of the Frederica river, and as soon as we got inside – Austin’s eyes got real big and he looked up and said – “God lives here” – He’s right. Taya and I were joking on the way home last night. St. Simons seems to be where God would go on vacation. And he stays at Epworth while he’s there 🙂

Chasing Birds @ Epworth

We met one of the locals on the beach yesterday, and she described the whole island as “holy ground”. Very fitting. It’s hard to put into words how peaceful the island is. Taya and I have traveled all up and down the east coast, from NY to northern FL, and we’ve NEVER found a place that touched us like this; Holy Ground. Yep, that is about the best description.

Beach at lower tide - found a hermit crab

I’d like to say Thank You!! to Britt, Ed, Jake and Jesse for sharing their special place on the beach with us, and for their hospitality and friendliness, and for their inspiration, and support. The Figueroa family is an amazing bunch! I’m SO glad we got to meet, and look forward to visiting with them again (and SOON and OFTEN!).
And just as amazing, we ran into someone staying at Epworth affiliated with NAMI, who also believes in our project. Coincidence? No, I don’t think so! It seems she too, could be a powerful ally. She and Taya got to chat for a bit, while I tried to keep the kids from jumping into the fountain.

Fountain at Epworth

Y’know, I really can’t say I believe in ‘coincidences’ anymore; it just seems like there is someone more powerful guiding us!
All in all this was a wonderful (WAY too short) weekend, at an extremely special place, where we met some incredible people. Took a few pix, thought I’d share them with you – http://www.flickr.com/photos/thebaldwingang/sets/368194

I feel kinda bad I didn’t take more pix to share this special place with everyone, but for some reason (like 4 little ones running around) I thought I took more pix than I actually did. Oh well, hope you enjoy them, and if you’re ever anywhere near Brunswick, take a drive over the F.J. Torras causeway to the special place known as Saint Simons Island!

Until next time…..

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  1. May 24, 2005 at 4:10 am

    wow-sounds cool! i need a vacation……!!!!

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