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AWW MAN!!! – Already? – NHC – TS Arlene

Our good friends at the National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center have already picked up a storm out there – good old “ARLENE”. For some reason Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Come on Eileen” keeps running thru my head. Yes, I’m weird 🙂
Kinda bummed out about things right now….. Whole house is sick – ear infections, colds, sinus infections, pinkeye. Everyone either has green snot, crusty eyes, a hacking cough, or an inner ear infection that seems resistant to antibiotics. Our Big Dream seems to be going nowhere, kinda losing hope on it. Seems like we’ve been hoping and praying for miracles for a long time and nothing concrete is happening…… Very discouraging.
Please pray for us, we need it! Things seem to be working against us right now or something. I’m confident things will turn around, just don’t see a way out right now……… 😦
And now this storm looks like it’s heading Kathryn’s way again…..[groan]….. Duck and cover. At least I feel confident that Adam, Kathryn and Anthony have a safe place they can go. Nothing like a bomb shelter to weather out a storm.
Well, I guess that’s all from here today.

Until next time…..

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