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HUH? – Jackson not guilty

Gotta put my 2 cents in on this shocker……..

Jackson not guilty on all counts – Michael Jackson Trial – MSNBC.com

Ok, this is a little much! I haven’t been following the trial as closely as some have, in fact I didn’t even realize today was the big verdict…

Hard to believe you can say on national TV that you “sleep with young boys”, the police find kiddie porn in your bedroom (the same room you “sleep with young boys”) and yet STILL there not be enough of a case to be convicted. Wow.

Kinda makes me lose faith even more in our legal system. Sad, you can sue a major corporation because they don’t have warning labels on their coffee cups that the contents may be hot, but yet you can get off scot free in a case like this.

2 words –



Michael Jackson is weird. No, beyond weird, I guess we can go so far as to say a freak. That alone isn’t enough to make him guilty. But this isn’t the first time these type of accusations have come up. Seems like there’s a common theme here. Wonder how many more times this is gonna come up. Don’t wanna know. All I know is, my kids will NEVER get ANYWHERE NEAR him. Guilty/not guilty, I just don’t trust him. And that’s my 2 cents, and then some

Until next time…..

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