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CRASH!!! – Watch for falling houses

July 30, 2005 Leave a comment

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As the kids sing “ding dong the wicked witch is dead”… 🙂You have a new Picture Mail

Getting the outside stuff packed up today, including the super cool play house (thank you again Gramma Baldwin!!!)
Have to take the house apart to move it though, I hope I can figure out how it goes back together, ’cause I didn’t save the manual for it. Shouldn’t be too hard though; I didn’t completely take it apart, just into flat pieces.
Washed all the lawn furniture and the other outside stuff, it’s starting to look like we’re moving from the outside too. Less than a week to go!!!

Gotta get those last rides on the swingset in:WHEEEEEEE!

Hannah found a half-dead monarch butterfly, thought it was super cool, but was devastated when we told her that it wasn’t long for this world. She was fine when we told her how angels love butterflies too:A Flutterby

Winding down to the last days here!!! Less than a week, Taya’s been amazing getting all this stuff done (as usual!) Might not be posting again ’til after we move, gonna kill our internet service in a day or 2. email addresses of course will remain the same, as will our phone numbers. I’ll email our address to you. Y’all take care!

Until next time…..

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Big Helper

July 26, 2005 Leave a comment

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Even the little ones are excited about the move – and they’re helping!!! Austin vacumed up the cereal he spilled.

You have a new Picture Mail

Now, if we can get them to load the truck, that would be perfect!

Until next time…..

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Tower O’ Boxes

July 24, 2005 Leave a comment

Ian’s Tower
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Haven’t posted in a while, it’s like we’re moving or something 🙂
House looks like a box factory exploded….
Box Room
10 days and counting!!!

Until next time…..

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Countdown to the move

July 19, 2005 Leave a comment
16 days:9 hours:22 minutes
Until next time…..
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Wow, what a weekend…..

July 18, 2005 Leave a comment

Hunting Island Beach
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Ok, where do I begin? Drove down to Point South KOA Friday night, got settled into the caboose.
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Got up Saturday (little too late – about 9:00) headed down to the “mobile home community” in Pooler to look at some homes. The owner had promised to leave 3 of them unlocked for us to look in. Well, he didn’t…. all 3 were locked. Things went downhill from there. Stopped by Monkey Love in Pooler, met the owner Laurie. She was super helpful in helping us get the lay of the land, she dug up the Savannah paper for us, and we found the Pooler paper too. Started going thru the classifieds. Found a few, started making a list to call. We finished up our monkey poop (it REALLY is good, despite it’s name!!!) and coffees and hit the road for Port Royal/Beaufort. We called a few places from the list we made at Monkey Love; they were either too small, too much, or already rented. We stopped at the rest stop on I-95 and bought all of the local papers. I drove and Taya started looking thru the paper and calling places. Same thing…. Too much, too small, already rented. She did leave a message with a couple of promising sounding places.

We got to Port Royal, and drove around the area we had been through before, kinda looking for “For Rent” signs. Found a few, called ’em, and same deal. More expensive, smaller, but mainly expen$ive. And some of them were 35 year old 2 bedroom single wide trailers practically stacked on top of each other for $900 a month…… ICK!!!!! Started getting REALLY discouraged, looking like we were gonna end up taking one of the places we peeked thru the windows in Pooler, without getting to even see the inside, and a trailer park to boot….. Or we’d have to kill another weekend and come down looking again. Neither option we liked.

Was getting to be mid-afternoon, and our EVER so patient kids had been riding around aimlessly for hours, so we decided to give up for the day and go back to the campground and go swimming. Got to playing, and totally forgot about the troubles of the day.

We’d left our phones in the caboose, so I checked the voice mail. 1 message…..probably someone saying “already rented”….. well let’s listen……hmmm, one of the places we thought sounded nice….. oh, it’s still available. cool, the landlord’s home, and willing to show it on a Saturday. And she left the address too!

Climbed out of the pool and decided to go right over and look at it. We got into dry clothes and hit the road, calling the landlord from the road. We got voicemail again and left a message that we were gonna drive by and take a look. Not 2 minutes later, the phone rang again and it was the landlord saying to come on by and we could look at it, she was right nearby. Got directions and finally found the place. It’s PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

You have a new Picture MailYou have a new Picture Mail

You have a new Picture Mail

It’s in our price range, has 4+ bedrooms, a den, a dining room, 2 baths, a HUGE storage building/workshop out back, car port and best of all a BIG yard with a fence AT THE END OF A DEAD END STREET. You have a new Picture Mail

The landlord lives across the street, is super nice, loved our crew. We looked at it for about 20 minutes or so before saying DUH, we’d be dumb not to take it!!!!
Anyway, that problem solved we played for the rest of the weekend. Drove up to Beaufort SC, about 30 miles away, went to the drive in theatre and saw fantastic 4, and the first 15 minutes of batman begins before deciding it was late. Got back to the caboose about midnite. Today we just played. Spent some time in the pool, drove out to Hunting Island state park, a barrier island east of Beaufort. Is where they filmed Platoon, and a couple other Vietnam movies. Like a real jungle. Anyway, I’m rambling; here’s some pix, and I’ll put together something more coherent tomorrow or something.

Until next time…..

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Ever slept in a caboose?

July 15, 2005 Leave a comment

We’re gonna get the chance this weekend! We’re heading down to SC and GA to (hopefully) find a place to live. Gonna make it a fun trip and go camping at the KOA that Grampa Howe stayed at a couple months ago in Point South. In addition to the typical Kamping Kabins, they also have a couple train cars set up as cabins. Ought to be kinda neat!! Kids are excited, and us big kids are too. Will send pix if we do find a place (fingers crossed!!)

20 days; 11 hours; 42 minutes ’til the big move!!

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Hmm, guess my idea worked

July 14, 2005 Leave a comment

Wow, and I thought it was a crazy idea, but all that fierce blowing seems to have done the trick, maybe Emily is gonna leave Florida, Alabama and Missississississpi alone this time around. Whew, ’cause I know those folks are tired of it!!

Ok, ’nuff about the weather. Going house hunting this weekend, looking in the Pooler, GA area, and maybe Port Royal (near Paris Island), SC, hopefully we can find something, as time is growing VERY short. I swear we missed a weekend in here somewhere, I thought there was another one before we moved. House looks like a box factory 🙂

Taya’s busy packing stuff up, got almost all the kitchen packed. She spent the weekend cooking a whole mess of dinners ahead, so we can pack all the cooking dishes up. Freezer is full to bursting. Kids are all excited about moving, packing, playing in boxes. Ought to be interesting when it gets to crunch time, I hope they understand that what goes into the truck will come out again. They amaze me at how well they adapt. The past few trips we’ve taken, when we get settled into the motel room, usually the first question they had for us was “Are we gonna live here now, is this where we’re moving to?”. Wow, can’t imagine the 6 of us in a motel room for more than a couple nights!!!! Kids seemed cool with it tho’. Anyway, that’s what’s going on here, hope all is well with everyone. I’ll share pix, info if (I hope WHEN) we find a place this weekend. Oh, one more thing – Little Matt still loves watermelon You have a new Picture Mail we went to Golden Corral for dinner tonite (Kids Night), and he chowed down on it. Ok, more soon, time to get the crew to bed.

Until next time…..

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