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Here we go again……………

HurricaneTrack.com- TS Cindy

Well, looks like we’re off to a “good” start on this year’s tropical season. 2 storms a-brewin’ down in the gulf area. This one (Cindy) looks like it’s heading for Kathryn’s neighborhood again {groan}, and Dennis is still too far out to predict, but will probably end up in the panhandle of Fl. Oh goody (heavy sarcasm) rain and wind for everyone….

Keep an eye on on these and any other new developments @ NOAA’s NHC site: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/.

Ok, fun stuff – had a BLAST at the lake yesterday. Pigged out on yummy food, enjoyed the company, went swimming in the (bathtup warm) lake, and yes, I got crazy and went tubing. Haven’t done that in a LONG time, and have the stiff muscles today to prove it. Was worth it though. Apparently I almost gave Hannah a heart attack when I got dumped off, I guess she was ready to jump out of the boat to save me or something 🙂

Enjoyed the local’s fireworks from out in the water, nothing professional, just lotsa good small shows from docks and hillsides. Hope everyone had a fun fourth, and can still count to 10 without having to re-use fingers 🙂

Until next time…..

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