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All’s well in Biloxi

On the phone with Kathryn, all is fine in her area. They got a little sideways rain, blew some leaves off the trees and made the snails come out and play in the grass. They just got home, gonna eat some dinner and then probably crash. Her computer is still put up, so you won’t reach her via email yet, and she won’t be posting anything for a few hours at the very earliest. Sounds like things to the east in Pensacola got hit quite a bit harder, hope everyone down that way is OK.
So….. Anthony gets to spend his Birthday at home, and all is well in the Smith household. Looks like this system is gonna track pretty far to the west, may be heading more to the east by next weekend. I hear that there’s a couple other “disturbances” out in the tropics, they weren’t kidding when they said it was gonna be a busy year! Let’s hope things settle down soon, if they keep coming at this clip the poor folks down at the NHC are never gonna get any sleep! Hope everyone’s doing alright, glad this storm is over.

Until next time…..

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