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Ok, Now that everyone in Biloxi’s safe – Big news from here

Well, all your prayers have come thru!!! I’ve had an offer from a company in Ridgeland, South Carolina, that I’ve accepted. I’ll be doing about the same thing that I do at the credit union, the official title of the position is I.T. Specialist. The company name is Kwalu – is Zulu for “Bamboo” (http://www.kwalu.com/). They own a patented process for putting a very realistic woodgrain pattern on plain PVC tubing which is the main component in the chairs that they make, target markets are healthcare, schools, and restaurants. If you’ve ever sat down inside a McDonalds, you’ve more than likely sat in one of their chairs. Of course the McDonalds chairs are what they consider their “bargain basement” line, but you can see why they warranty them for 10 years – they’re pretty tough. Other customers include hospitals, nursing homes, cruise ships and several major motel chains. They also make tables, dressers, couches, chairs, and impact resistant wall coverings from PVC using the same sort of process to apply the woodgrain.

They were founded in 1984 in South Africa, and moved to Ridgeland, SC in 1992, after contracting with the SC Dept. of Corrections to open part of their manufacturing plant in the prison at Ridgeland (http://www.doc.sc.gov/InstitutionPages/Ridgeland.htm). So, about half their labor force, as far as construction of furniture, is inmates. Very stable company, very nice people. Yes, I’ll have contact with the inmate population on a very limited basis. But the inmates that get the privilege of working in Kwalu’s plant are considered the “cream of the crop” of the population. They must have at least 4 years of good behaviour before they can even be considered, and of course they are closely supervised.

We are looking at living outside of Ridgeland, actually in Georgia – a town called Pooler (http://www.pooler-ga.com), a suburb of Savannah. For those not familiar with the area; Savannah is a medium sized city in the extreme north east corner of Georgia, is a coastal town, with a fairly large port. Pooler is west of Savannah, just the other side of I-95. Population is less than 10,000. There are some beautiful barrier islands in the area, we visited Tybee island briefly in the past. We would also be close to Beaufort, SC – near Paris Island, a nice day trip to Charleston, SC. Hilton Head Island is also nearby. Saint Simons and Jekyll Islands would be just over an hour to the south of us, east of Brunswick, Georgia.

We’ll be going down next weekend to look at some places to rent, as our house still hasn’t sold, but we’ve worked out our finances as to what we can afford to rent until the house sells, and there are some places in Pooler that fit the bill and seem nice. I’ve got a friend who’s in the property management business that may be interested in our house, and Taya’s mother’s place too, hopefully he can get a good deal from the bank on her house to make this a worthwhile package deal for him. The kids are excited about moving, and so are we!!! This is what we’ve been hoping and praying for, so it’s proof positive that prayer really does work!

I’ll let you know as things develop, and

Until next time…..

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