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Hmm, guess my idea worked

Wow, and I thought it was a crazy idea, but all that fierce blowing seems to have done the trick, maybe Emily is gonna leave Florida, Alabama and Missississississpi alone this time around. Whew, ’cause I know those folks are tired of it!!

Ok, ’nuff about the weather. Going house hunting this weekend, looking in the Pooler, GA area, and maybe Port Royal (near Paris Island), SC, hopefully we can find something, as time is growing VERY short. I swear we missed a weekend in here somewhere, I thought there was another one before we moved. House looks like a box factory 🙂

Taya’s busy packing stuff up, got almost all the kitchen packed. She spent the weekend cooking a whole mess of dinners ahead, so we can pack all the cooking dishes up. Freezer is full to bursting. Kids are all excited about moving, packing, playing in boxes. Ought to be interesting when it gets to crunch time, I hope they understand that what goes into the truck will come out again. They amaze me at how well they adapt. The past few trips we’ve taken, when we get settled into the motel room, usually the first question they had for us was “Are we gonna live here now, is this where we’re moving to?”. Wow, can’t imagine the 6 of us in a motel room for more than a couple nights!!!! Kids seemed cool with it tho’. Anyway, that’s what’s going on here, hope all is well with everyone. I’ll share pix, info if (I hope WHEN) we find a place this weekend. Oh, one more thing – Little Matt still loves watermelon You have a new Picture Mail we went to Golden Corral for dinner tonite (Kids Night), and he chowed down on it. Ok, more soon, time to get the crew to bed.

Until next time…..

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