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CRASH!!! – Watch for falling houses

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As the kids sing “ding dong the wicked witch is dead”… 🙂You have a new Picture Mail

Getting the outside stuff packed up today, including the super cool play house (thank you again Gramma Baldwin!!!)
Have to take the house apart to move it though, I hope I can figure out how it goes back together, ’cause I didn’t save the manual for it. Shouldn’t be too hard though; I didn’t completely take it apart, just into flat pieces.
Washed all the lawn furniture and the other outside stuff, it’s starting to look like we’re moving from the outside too. Less than a week to go!!!

Gotta get those last rides on the swingset in:WHEEEEEEE!

Hannah found a half-dead monarch butterfly, thought it was super cool, but was devastated when we told her that it wasn’t long for this world. She was fine when we told her how angels love butterflies too:A Flutterby

Winding down to the last days here!!! Less than a week, Taya’s been amazing getting all this stuff done (as usual!) Might not be posting again ’til after we move, gonna kill our internet service in a day or 2. email addresses of course will remain the same, as will our phone numbers. I’ll email our address to you. Y’all take care!

Until next time…..

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