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The Biloxians or at least 2 of ’em

August 28, 2005 Leave a comment

Just heard that Kathryn and Anthony have made it to Montgomery, Al for the night. She (somehow) has a hotel room there, and will be heading off to Columbus, Ga in the morning. Dunno how long she’ll be there, guess it depends on how much of a mess this storm makes of Biloxi area. Hopefully won’t be bad, but we have to wait and see.Looks like it may be our turn next – T.D. 13 is a brewin’ out there. Dunno what it’s gonna do, but eyes are on it. Will update you as I find out more info!

Until next time…..

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Hey y’all better duck!!!

August 27, 2005 Leave a comment

Looks like Katrina is heading for Kathryn, Adam and Anthony, or at least nearby…..
Just read an email, and a post off Kathryn’s Blog that they’re debating on whether they’re gonna stay or go inland to Georgia. I gues it kinda depends on what this storm is gonna do. As always, I know they’ll do the smart thing, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about ’em!
Looks like this one is gonna stay well clear of us, but I’m sure there’ll be a raindrop or two hitting the ground. Having an enjoyable weekend, did the Wally World trip for supplies, and of course hit the beach on the way back, trying to find a hermit crab for Hannah, but tide was high, so no luck. We’ll have to try another time – Oh darn another trip to the beach 🙂
Grilled burgers tonite, tried a new gizmo. Instead of pouring the “gulf lite” on the charcoal and having everything taste like diesel fuel (although the flames are cool) we bought a charcoal “chimney”. I remember Gramma Howe had one when I was a kid; basically a stovepipe with a bunch of holes drilled in the bottom. You pile up newspapers at the bottom, dump charcoal on top and light the paper. Hot fire in 15 minutes, and no fumes. I like it!!
Hope everyone is doing good, I’ll keep you up to date on Kathryn and Adam and Anthony as I find out info.

Until next time…..

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Shrimp Heads, Shrimp Heads, Rolly Poley Shrimp Heads…….

August 25, 2005 1 comment

Kinda funny – someone else had the exact same experience as we did this past weekend. We got 5 pounds of fresh shrimp from a local seafood stand (kinda like the roadside “fruit” stands, only it’s 100% seafood) this past sunday. Spent about an hour hacking off heads and deveining and shelling the little critters. Then I stuck the bag o’ heads outside in the trash can, planning on disposing of them in the near future. Well, Monday came and went, and they “marinated” out there in the trash can. By Tuesday afternoon, the smell was SO strong and awful and putrid and nasty, you could smell the stench out at the road in front of the house. Not a fishy odor, but like rotting carcass odor. BLECH!!!!!!!!!!! Drove the trash can off to the dump that evening, hanging my head out the window as not to suffocate. AWFUL!!!!!!!!! I’m thinking about hanging a couple dirty stinky diapers from my rear view mirror to make the van smell better 🙂 Wow, lesson learned; just like these folks. After decapitating shrimpz; take the heads FAR away from your house, FAST! I guess 104 degree weather and shrimp heads is a bad combination. BLECH!

On a nicer note – the shrimpz were YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even have a couple pounds left over in the freezerator. Can’t beat fresh seafood – and the price is half of what it is in the grocery store. Have to do that again sometime soon (minus the putrid heads!)

Until next time…..

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10 out of 10, plus 5 more

August 21, 2005 Leave a comment

Huh??? 21 Drive in 8-21
Originally uploaded by baldwinmk.

Had a GREAT day yesterday, and according to Austin, on a scale of 1-10 it was a 10, PLUS 5 more.

Went out to Hunting Island state park, a barrier island off Beaufort, SC. Hunting Island Beach 8-21Spent most of the day there, playing in the water, Hunting Island Beach 8-21

finding Sand dollars (HUNDREDS of ’em – returned them to the water since they were still alive), Hunting Island Beach 8-21

digging, Hunting Island Beach 8-21

and trying out the new boogie boards. Hunting Island Beach 8-21

Hunting Island Beach 8-21

Ate lunch on the beach, just generally enjoyed the sun, sand and waves.
About dinner time we headed back to “the mainland” and discovered a Friendly’s restaurant in Port Royal; so of course we had to eat there 🙂 Went to Wally World afterwards to get a couple more folding chairs, to use to top off the day at the drive in theatre.
Highway 21 theatre in Beaufort is one of 2 Drive in’s left in the state. First movie was for the kids – Sky High (Was OK), and the second one was Duke of Hazzard. Once you get used to Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg, it was pretty good. So after getting home about 12:30, tired, sandy, sunburned, full of popcorn and other junk food, all the kids agree – yesterday was a BLAST! Have to do this again.

Until next time…..

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Hello Again!

August 20, 2005 Leave a comment

Wow, been a while since I posted anything, but we just recently got back online. Phone company ’round here takes it’s sweet time getting anything done at all. So far we like the new house, the area, etc. People in the “Lowcountry” are super friendly, you can strike up a 2 hour conversation with total strangers. We all love being close to the shore, after work I’ll come home, hop into a pair of shorts, grab a quick bite to eat, and we’ll all head off to the beach for the evening. Super cool, don’t think that’s something we’ll tire of – ever!
Taya and the Twins both had Birthdays since we spoke last. Taya’s was a bit of a bust for her – I owe her a Bday party for sure! I feel pretty bad about her Bday – was gonna do a picnic @ the beach, but it rained all day long, and I didn’t have a backup plan 😦
Twins had an enjoyable time – cool presents, yummy cake, etc. – check out pix on flickr
We’re getting ready to head out to Hunting Island beach for the day today – Kids have boogie boards to try out. I promise I’ll have a longer more detailed post soo….

Until next time…..

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off we go, soon

August 4, 2005 Leave a comment

last post (for real)
check out pix on flickr site:
will send out a shout when we’re back online

until next time….. (in SC)

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