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Shrimp Heads, Shrimp Heads, Rolly Poley Shrimp Heads…….

Kinda funny – someone else had the exact same experience as we did this past weekend. We got 5 pounds of fresh shrimp from a local seafood stand (kinda like the roadside “fruit” stands, only it’s 100% seafood) this past sunday. Spent about an hour hacking off heads and deveining and shelling the little critters. Then I stuck the bag o’ heads outside in the trash can, planning on disposing of them in the near future. Well, Monday came and went, and they “marinated” out there in the trash can. By Tuesday afternoon, the smell was SO strong and awful and putrid and nasty, you could smell the stench out at the road in front of the house. Not a fishy odor, but like rotting carcass odor. BLECH!!!!!!!!!!! Drove the trash can off to the dump that evening, hanging my head out the window as not to suffocate. AWFUL!!!!!!!!! I’m thinking about hanging a couple dirty stinky diapers from my rear view mirror to make the van smell better 🙂 Wow, lesson learned; just like these folks. After decapitating shrimpz; take the heads FAR away from your house, FAST! I guess 104 degree weather and shrimp heads is a bad combination. BLECH!

On a nicer note – the shrimpz were YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even have a couple pounds left over in the freezerator. Can’t beat fresh seafood – and the price is half of what it is in the grocery store. Have to do that again sometime soon (minus the putrid heads!)

Until next time…..

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  1. August 27, 2005 at 2:34 am

    Ewwww….and yum!

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