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Hey y’all better duck!!!

Looks like Katrina is heading for Kathryn, Adam and Anthony, or at least nearby…..
Just read an email, and a post off Kathryn’s Blog that they’re debating on whether they’re gonna stay or go inland to Georgia. I gues it kinda depends on what this storm is gonna do. As always, I know they’ll do the smart thing, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about ’em!
Looks like this one is gonna stay well clear of us, but I’m sure there’ll be a raindrop or two hitting the ground. Having an enjoyable weekend, did the Wally World trip for supplies, and of course hit the beach on the way back, trying to find a hermit crab for Hannah, but tide was high, so no luck. We’ll have to try another time – Oh darn another trip to the beach 🙂
Grilled burgers tonite, tried a new gizmo. Instead of pouring the “gulf lite” on the charcoal and having everything taste like diesel fuel (although the flames are cool) we bought a charcoal “chimney”. I remember Gramma Howe had one when I was a kid; basically a stovepipe with a bunch of holes drilled in the bottom. You pile up newspapers at the bottom, dump charcoal on top and light the paper. Hot fire in 15 minutes, and no fumes. I like it!!
Hope everyone is doing good, I’ll keep you up to date on Kathryn and Adam and Anthony as I find out info.

Until next time…..

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