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Random Thoughts

Hey everyone. Just wanted to put down some random thoughts….
Of course, like everyone else, folks down in the gulf area have been on my mind a lot, especially since Kathryn, Adam and Anthony hail from there. Of course Kathryn and Anthony did get out about a day before the storm hit, and are now safe and sound in Georgia. Staying at a campground in a rented camper, she has it 30 days at a time, so all is well. Been watching/reading the news reports out of Nawlin’s and Biloxi, it’s unbelievable how little is left down there. So may people have lost everything: both their “stuff” and so many have lost loved ones. Death toll is climbing by the hour. I think the thing that is disgusting/irritating/infuriating me the most are the people. NOT the looters and people still down there making it hard for the rescuers, yes; they should have evacuated, they shouldn’t be there, etc, etc. It’s just kind of a fact of life that lawlessness will prevail after a tragedy. People will do what they can to survive, and yes, disaster can bring out the worst in people.
No, what’s getting to me are these people on CNN, people posting stuff on the web, and other people complaining “oh, the government needs to do a better job of………”
They need to stop saying “oh the other people, the government, the military, anybody but me needs to……”
Yes the government has been slow to respond, but there are some valid reasons! Some questions I’ve heard, and some of my answers:
Q1) Why can’t supplies be airdropped to these people?
A1.1) Some areas are still flooded. the stuff will float away
A1.2) THERE IS NO AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL! If you send 20 helicoptors into the area, how do you keep them from crashing into each other? I don’t think too many people have thought about this. Yes, they did have some AWACS playing air traffic control, but they are limited, and I don’t think civilian aircraft pay much attention to the military airwaves.

Q2) Why aren’t the local authorities doing more to gain order?
A2.1) The local authorities are OVERWHELMED! I have read first hand accounts of NOPD officers being so overwhelmed that they have taken their own lives. The loss of life, property, etc is just too much.

Q3) Why aren’t the dead being “cared for”?
A3.1) This one boggles me the most. Not to sound disrespectful of the dead, but they’re not going anywhere. The focus right now needs to be on the living. The dead will be dealt with shortly. Let’s get the folks that are still with us. Yes it’s horrible, but the military, and the health care community have something that describes this process. TRIAGE. The dead are the last on the list. Sorry, that’s the way it is.

Ok, enough ranting. Here’s a message I sent out to my big list regarding Kathryn and family:

” Hey all – passing along some info about Adam, Kathryn and family. Adam will be moving out of the shelter and into a dorm (barracks). Power is being restored to the base housing, but Adam is afraid of the risk of fire, so he’s gonna just shut the breakers off to their house. Insurance adjuster says they are eligible for up to 40k in losses, so hopefully they’ll have no problem replacing the “stuff” that was lost. That is; the stuff that is replaceable. Dunno if everyone heard, they lost a pickup truck and motorcycle along with most things that remained on the first floor; all the appliances, a lot of clothes, toys etc. Mom (Linda) and Tim are making a day trip down tomorrow to gather up the things that are salveable and move them back to Georgia and get them into climate controlled storage. The problem is: the things that were not damaged by the flood waters are now mildewing/molding due to high humidity in the house. Both from the saturation of the house and just general high humidity due to mother nature. If they can get their things into climate control it should dry out and be ok. The only way that they could get into Biloxi is if they agreed to make a delivery, so they are hauling down 1.5 tons of bleach to help with the cleanup. That’s like 600 gallons or something along those lines. A whole lotta bleach! Anyway, that way they can get down there, drop the bleach and pick up the things from the house that are salvageable. They’re also taking down a video cam so that Anthony can see pix of his “Da-Da” and hear his voice a little more. He gets extremely excited for the short phone calls that they get to make via satellite phone. Apparently Kathryn is putting together a list of things that are needed for her and Anthony. They are fine right now, have plenty of clothes/food/shelter/toys; you know the important stuff. I hear that Martha is setting up an account in Big Flats to take donation for them – Thank you! I talked to her briefly last night, she really didn’t mention she needed anything, but we’re gonna send down some items to occupy her time. Kathryn enjoys sewing, cross-stitching, and I know she’s quite the artist in general. Anthony is into Elmo and Barney (EW!!!). They are in fairly tight quarters, so they can’t hold a whole TON of stuff, but small stuff I’m sure will be appreciated. Talk to y’all later!!”

Until next time…..

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