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My "little" girl’s not so little anymore

holes in de ears
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Went to Hunting Island again today, third day in a row we spent the day at the beach. You have a new Picture Mail
I lost my sunglasses in the surf yesterday, so on the way home this evening we stopped at WalMart to get some new ones. While we were there, Hannah was eyeing some jewelry. She got a bit upset when we told her she couldn’t get it because it was for pierced ears. We have promised her that she could get her ears pierced when she quit sucking her thumb, which she has done. So…….
Now Hannah has 1 little pink rhinestone in each of her ears. Hannah's new adornements
She didn’t even flinch, let alone scream when the lady did it. In fact after the first one she asked – Is it done? Like nothing had happened. And she also got a “certificate of bravery” to boot. She’s super proud, and they look very pretty! But geez, my little girl’s growing up 😦
The mission to Biloxi to get Kathryn’s stuff was a success, they’re coming home with a trailer loaded to the roof. Damage is about what was described by Adam over the phone. They’ll probably be able to salvage a few things out of the first floor, but anything 4-5 feet and below is a goner.

PS – Ian loves watermelons, he wouldn’t let anything happen to one, even when he’s sound asleep!
You have a new Picture Mail

Until next time…..

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