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Oweee but yummy!

We went over to Port Royal seafood yesterday to buy some fresh scallops. While we were there oysters kinda struck our fancy, so we ordered 2 dozen fresh oysters. Turns out they aren’t selling them by the dozen anymore, due to the shortage caused by hurricane Katrina down in the gulf. They only sell by the bushel or half bushel. I guess if they keep smaller amounts laying around, and don’t sell ’em the same day they go bad, so only sell large quantities. We did manage to talk ’em into a half bushel. So the guy goes out back, and comes back lugging this HUGE burlap sack and slings it in on the counter. Wow – half a bushel of oysters is A LOT!
So we brought this big burlap sack full of oysters home, and decide to shuck ’em. That’s a TON of work! I can see why it costs $7-$8 for those little cans of oysters in the store. It was only $15 for this huge bag of ’em, but you gotta get ’em outa there shell. And those shells are sharp. Our hands are both pretty cut up. Well, after we get them all shucked and eat our fill (baked a bunch on the grill – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) I watched a little video on “how to shuck oysters” on the internet. Turns out you’re supposd to either wear gloves or use a towel to protect your hands. Now they tell me.
Anyway – they were good – got some in the freezer all shucked to make oyster stew. Kids didn’t care for ’em but they did at least try them!
Oh, and some other news – Kathryn has headed back to Mississippi as of last night. She and Adam found a little rental on base that is live-able. I guess she missed Adam a little bit, and all the fire ants, palmetto bugs and other critters in Georgia were getting to her (I don’t much care for those creepy crawlies either, but that’s why they make RAID). Haven’t heard from here, dunno what her new phone number is, but I’ll pass it along when I get it.

Until next time…..

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