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The Pink tub race – yes a pink bathtub race

Go speed racers
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So there are some really weird traditions in small town festivals. Our town is no exception. Every year they have the Gopher Hill festival. See back about 100 years or so ago, Ridgeland was known as Gopher Hill. Hence the gopher hill festival. Well, one of the events is the pink bathtub race. Right in the middle of “downtown” is an antique store. In the front yard is a big old claw footed ugly pink bathtub. So many people complained about this ugly old tub, that the festival folks decided to do something about it – let’s build and decorate a bunch of pink bathtub look alikes and race ’em. Makes sense to me 🙂
Tub Race

Pink Tub Race Tub Race
Anyway – we didn’t do too awful good, we had a couple casualties – 2 of our 4 pushers took tumbles just after the halfway point, so our speed went way down. Up until the big crash we were leading. Had some minor injuries Casualties , but we did have fun, and everyone really got into the spirit Pink Tub Race
Even though we were TOTALLY exhaustedPink Tub Race Wonder what other strange things the gopher hill festival has in store for us? We have a parade tomorrow morning, and a turtle race (that may take a while)…..
Will share more of our adventures soon!

Until next time…..

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