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Sweet Home N Carolina

January 24, 2006 1 comment

Sweet Home N Carolina
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Hello all – no we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth (or the edge…)
Lot has happened in the past few weeks – here’s the condensed version:
1) New (old) home – we’re moving back to our house in NC. It never sold, and it was becoming financially impossible to support 2 homes. Plus we were beginning to realize that was where we always have and always will call “home”.
2) New (old) job – I’ve got a position back at MCU, different title, similar responsibilities. Amazing how that worked out……
Tomorrow’s the big moving day, leaving SC tomorrow PM and heading back up to NC. We’ve been making the 5 hour trip for the past 4 weeks, leaving right after I get off work on Friday, driving up moving stuff up a little bit at a time. Took our camper up week before last, rented a trailer last weekend and took up some big heavy stuff – renting a truck tomorrow to get the remaining stuff.
All I can say is – wow, what a wild ride. 15 days ago, after a completely sleepless night, I made the decision that we would return to NC. I had no job, just a whole bunch of resume’s in circulation. After turning in my notice, still with not even a prospect of a job, just going it on blind faith (that’s pretty scary!!!!) it all worked out. The very next day I got an email from MCU asking if I was returning to NC and if I would be interested in a position at MCU. The rest is history!
All I can say is – THANK YOU to “the big guy upstairs”. As always he’s watching over us, watching out for us, and we just blindly stumble along thru life as he guides us in his direction. Trust in Him and all will work out. That’s the truth!
PS – want to say Thank you to Ruthana and Robbie for the super cool Welcome Home – that was the first thing we saw this past Friday at midnite as we rolled in. Even though we were pooped, we both had big grins. Thanks y’all!
PPS – will do a better job of posting in the future. I realize now it’s been almost a month! :-0

Until next time…..

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