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little matt on skates

little matt on skates
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FINALLY!!!! Took about a million tries, but I finally got my phone to upload pictures again. Can’t wait until May when my contract runs out and we can switch to a cell service that actually works. but enough about sprint….
Here’s our 2 year old on roller skates!! Can’t believe they had a size that fit him. He actually got to be pretty good, only fell a couple times, but got right back up and kept going. He got brave enough towards the end that when they started playing YMCA, he starting hopping to the song. and he didn’t even fall. Hannah and the twins did really well too, less falls, and they really got brave towards the end, getting away from the wall and mixing in with the crowd. We’ll have to do this again!!

brudder, hold my hand

Until next time ……

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  1. March 20, 2006 at 5:01 am

    Hannah looks like a pro! Look at her hold her brudder’s hand! What a wonderful BIG sister! I tell ya- they skate better than I ever could! Cute!

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