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HUH???? A Turtle?!?

HUH???? A Turtle?!?
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Hey all – enjoying our trip to Gainesville. Seems Ian is a bit confused though. We were fishing today, not turtle hunting!!! Seriously though – Ian wanted to catch a fish SO badly, and when he reeled in a turtle he was a bit surprised. Made up for not catching any fish; even though Austin caught 5, including 1 so big that it snapped the line just as we were landing it. It was “the monster fish”, and Austin wants another go at him. Little Matt and Hannah each caught about 1500 little plastic fishies – well maybe it was the same ones over and over and over that they kept casting out and reeling back in. Even though it rained most of the day today we all managed to have fun. Little tired today though, we got in kinda late. Forgot to mention the excitement yesterday. Somewhere in S.C. on I-95 the tread peeled off of one of the tires on the camper. Now I know what it’s like for those big rig drivers when that happens – you kinda see bits of rubber flying up in the air in the mirror. At first I thought I’d hit some tire bits, but then when a 2 foot length came peeling off the tire and flew way up in the air, the bumpy ride kinda gave it away. Pulled over and attempted to change it along the side of the Interstate. No luck –
1) The bolts that hold the wheel on were so tightI couldn’t get them loose with the wrench
2) We left the combination to the chain lock that holds the spare on at home
So we bumped about another quarter mile to the next exit and pulled off into a motel parking lot that was closed up. Called Grampa Howe to see if by chance he remembered the combination. Tried a bunch of different ones, but no luck. I ended up heading next door and borrowing a hacksaw to cut thru the chain and get it off. Luckily I’d left the 12 volt impact wrench in the van, and Taya reminded me it was there. Got the tire all changed, but it set us back about an hour. Didn’t get to the campground ’til about 10 or so last night, hence the midnight post last night. Off to Silver Springs tomorrow, keep checking the Flickr site for pictures.
Until next time…..

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