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Look Ma – No Tooth!!

Look Ma – No Tooth!!
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Another milestone – sorta…
Taya and the kids were outside enjoying the beautiful weather today. Ever helpful Austin attempted to open a play-doh container for his brother…with his teeth. After spitting out what he thought was a lump of play-doh into the driveway, he went to lick his lips, and stuck his tongue in the hole where his lower front tooth used to be!
Panic ensued, and after a quick call to the dentist who said “come on in” the whole gang was tossed into the van, and I met them at the dentist’s office. I brought the kids to work with me while Taya took poor panic-stricken Austin in to see the dentist. About half an hour later Taya called to say all was well. Turns out that Austin’s tooth was actually loose, and the play-doh lid gave it a little help in popping out. The dentist said it looked as if the tooth was removed by a surgeon (future career for Austin – YIKES!) and everything was fine. He’s got a couple other loose teeth, and Ian has 1 loose tooth.
The only tragedy is; our kid’s first lost tooth is normally something you kinda keep as a treasure, but we can’t find it! It’s somewhere out in the gravel driveway, or out in the grass or something. Oh well, I guess there’ll be others. And we’ll always have the story to tell 🙂
Austin’s fine now, he’s impressed with the ability to stick a straw in the gap and drink thru it, and I get to show him how to make a water fountain thru the hole tomorrow. Ahh, the joys of being a Dad 🙂

Gappy Smile

Until next time…..

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