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Happy Birthday to me…. and Mini Matt

May 27, 2006 Leave a comment

My new toy 🙂
But Little Matt thinks it’s his!! We got it home late last night, I started it up while it was on the trailer, just to hear it run (rumble-rumble-rumble). Little Matt hopped up in front of me, sat on the tank, reached up to the handgrips, and immediately found the throttle.

What a nut. I think we’re in for trouble….

Happy Birthday to me.... and Little Matt

Until Next time…..

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May 20, 2006 Leave a comment

Guess what we got last night? Yep – a puppy! It’s a mostly black lab with a little bit of rottweiler and a whole lotta lazy. He’s great with the kids, loves to chase ’em around the yard. He’s about 8 weeks, but is alreay a big guy. Got huge paws, gonna be a BIG DAWG. Very well behaved though.
I think the kids are ready, they seem to be pretty cool about feeding him, etc. We’ll see!

Until next time…..


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Guitar lessons for the munchkins are going GREAT! After 2 lessons Ian and Austin can both already play “twinkle-twinkle”! Super impressive for never having picked up a guitar until about a week ago. Went and picked up a half sized electric for Ian this afternoon – he “wore it out” of the store, and all but went to bed with it tonite 🙂
Their teacher is pretty cool too – he’s the front man in a band called Smash Alley Underground (' The kids both love him and he does a great job with ’em.Jammin' Taya’s taking lessons too; it’s definitely gonna be like the Partridge family around here – Give Little Matt a pair of drumsticks, Hannah a tamborine and we’re good to go!

Until next time…..

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A day without………aw come on, what a load of $#!+

May 1, 2006 2 comments

Happy May day y’all.
Been watching news most of the day – weird to have cable TV at work now. All these demonstrations, and walkouts and stuff just doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to me. A day without immigrants? What – do they all return to their country of origin for a day? While I thought at first, hmmm, what an interesting way to show your feelings about the screwed up mess that Washington D.C. has made with our immigration system, then I learned that this was organized BY and FOR ILLEGAL immigrants!!!
What in the world?!?!?!?!!!? You’re going to advertise the fact that you are breaking the law just being here?? Not very smart!
Ok, so you’re here in MY country illegally; and you want special treatment? WHY?
Yes, I am the descendant of an immigrant; but those people came to this country LEGALLY. They followed the rules. They came, LEARNED THE LANGUAGE and got jobs. While I’m sure they still spoke their native tounge at home, they worked hard and learned the English language. (Ok, so Irish/English may not be a totally foreign language, but still…..)
I’m kinda irritated by this whole thing. Not long ago I remember hearing how the INS was too busy looking for terrorists to stop people from sneaking into our country illegally. Terrorists? Yes, 9/11 was a terrible tragedy. Yes a WHOLE lot of innocent people were killed. But the IDIOTS in D.C. have gotten things screwed up again. The horrible USA Patriot act. Ugh. Sending the FBI on wild goose chases after every male named Habib. Ignoring the flood of people entering the country illegally from our southern border, in order to chase “terrorists”. I don’t know. IMHO President Bush has been an amazing president, but his coworkers and underlings in our nation’s captial are acting like a pack of idiots.
I know, I’m rambling…
Here’s my thoughts.
1) You want to come to our country – GREAT! It’s an awesome place to live, lots of freedom, opportunity and other cool stuff. But FOLLOW THE RULES!
2) If you’re here illegally – you’re in trouble. This may sound extreme/stupid/short sighted whatever, but – all the illegals and indocumentados that were protesting today – I would have cheered if the local police had erected a fence around y’all, and started hauling people off. Yes, U.S. CITIZENS have the right to protest, demonstrate, etc. Buy if you’re here ILLEGALLY – YOU BROKE THE LAW and therefore are not entitled to the same rights as law abiding CITIZENS.
3) I understand people are here to get a better life. That’s the whole concept this country was founded upon over 200 years ago. People wanting to get away from a bad life and start fresh. Who doesn’t want that? BUT YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES! It’s not that difficult to become a legal U.S. citizen. Yes, it takes time. No, it’s not an overnight process.
4) Just because you came into my country, and were not born here why does that grant you some special privilege/tax break/preferencial treatment in hiring, etc? You should be hired based on your qualifications, not your skin color, native tongue or anything else.

Alright, I’m done now. I’m interested in some comments on this one 🙂

Until next time…..

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