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Latest word on Granny

Morning y’all – Taya and I went to visit last night, I talked to the doctor briefly. Granny showed some very slight improvement yesterday. Called this morning and talked to her nurse; she’s off the vesopresin (BP medicine) completely and holding her own for now. Her kidney output has also increased slightly too, so she’s shown a little bit more improvement. Of course she’s far from out of the woods yet, but every little tiny step forward is hopeful. For everyone out there praying for her, thank you; I know it’s helping. I joked the other day she has the entire eastern seaboard praying for her, and I think more and more that’s true! Keep ’em coming please. We’re all holding our own, trying not to ride the roller coaster too much, but it’s hard not to. Every little step forward can really start to get your hopes up, and then there’s the steps back that feel like you’re dropping off the edge of a hill. Kids are holding up amazingly well, I had the talk about death with them the other day when things looked so bleak. I think the twins kinda grasp it, but not sure about our little Princess. SuperDood, well he’s just too little, but he does keep asking when he can see Granny. I made a tape of them talking to her last night and brought it in for her to hear, She seemed to recognize their voices.
Anyway; that’s the latest, thank you again for everything. If anyone from our church is reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH for the pile of food last night. No more “Oh I forgot to eat” excuses šŸ™‚
Off to the salt mines for the day
Latest Update
Called the nurse in the ICU this afternoon, no real momentous changes, kidney output still “better” but nominal. She is competely off the Vesopresin, but is occasionally getting norepinephrine to regulate her BP. Gonna visit this evening after work.
Thanks again for everything folks!

Until next time…..

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