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Update on Granny, and an eye on the weather

Visited Granny in the hospital last night, she’s showing some positive signs, but of course situation is still hour by hour. She’s gonna make another trip to the OR today to change her abdominal dressing and close the incision “a little bit”. Because of all the edema from the original surgery they really can’t just close it up all at once. It’s gonna be a little bit at a time over several trips. But she is now responding, opening her eyes and answering questions with winks and blinks. I managed to get Grandad stood up so that he could touch her cheek and they could actually look at each other face to face. It’s hard on him being stuck in the chair, about all he can do is hold her hand and talk to her. It’s hard on him to stand like that, but he said it was worth it.
On another note, looks like TS Ernie is gonna give us some wonderful weather this labor day. Guess we’ll cancel that giant picnic we have planned (ha ha). Not too awful concerned about anything, other than it’s gonna be a soggy weekend. I haven’t had time to cut the grass, so we may be hacking our way out to the car with a machete after all the rain. I’m glad this storm turned, ’cause it seemed headed right for Kathryn again. They don’t need that; still haven’t cleaned up from Katrina and her cousin Rita last year. Anyway, that’s what’s going on ’round here, more of the usual.

Until next time…..

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