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Not much change, but it sure is wet

Not a whole lot of change with Granny. She had a surgical procedure yesterday to suture a plastic barrier over her abdomen. Still too much edema to close the opening, but this plastic barrier is supposed to help cut down on the seepage so they’re not having to pour IV fluids into her at such a high rate. Of course this was a surgery and put her under a bit of stress, so her vitals were a little depressed last night when we saw her. It’s still a very serious situation, but after talking with Grandad last night, I kind of see his line of thinking. Her situation/condition isn’t hopeless, but the doctor did say that since it’s been a week after the initial surgery now, she should be showing visible signs of improvement, and not going up and down like a roller coaster ride. Since this is more of a roller coaster ride now, the doctor is not being all too optimistic, but is just taking it hour by hour, day by day. Please keep her and all of us in your prayers, we REALLY appreciate them, and draw strength from them.
Now this thing called Ernesto…. Back in May when I bought my bike; I intended for it to be my primary mode of transportation, pretty much year round. I guess some people call that a “hard core” rider; whatever. Well, with all this rain, I’m finding out just exactly what that means 🙂 Luckily I found a pretty decent rain suit a couple weeks back, and it’s making all the difference. The first time I rode to work in the rain, I just went it with no protection, and carried a change of clothes with me. But I neglected to bring dry underwear. Turns out I needed ’em. Now I carry a full change with me, but with the suit it’s not quite so bad. I ride with the full face helmet in the rain, because it HURTS to ride with no face protection; driving rain at 70 mph feels like a million needles in your face. No kidding, needles. I’m actually enjoying this though; getting weird looks from folks in their cars (look at the crazy man mommy), but am still able to zip around and go places you can’t in a car. I don’t think I’ll be doing the 2 wheel thing in the snow/ice, but the cold is just time for another layer or two. Anyway, Ernesto is heading more to the east of us, guess it’ll just be a soggy labor day weekend. Lawn looks like a jungle, but I’m not gonna mess with it. I’ll just get the machete out after all the rain. Hope I won’t meet any tigers. Superdawg hates the rain, spends the night on the porch, and comes inside for a bit during the day. Kids love it.
Anyway, gotta go put on my yellow suit and go brave the elements.

Until next time…..

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