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il est fini

October 21, 2006 1 comment

Granny’s long struggle is over. She passed away last night about 6PM. I think we’ve all made peace with this a while ago; it was obvious that things were not improving. Grandad is very sad, but I think he understands that this was the outcome, and this was the best thing for Granny. She is no longer in so much pain, and now she can be with her daughter.
I think I forgot to mention that yesterday; Taya’s Aunt Ronnie passed away a little over a week ago. She was buried Monday. She too, was very sick, had suffered from emphysema for about 7 years or so. She chose to be taken off the ventilator, she didn’t want to fight anymore. That’s really shook up Grandad too.
All in all it’s been a tough week for everyone.
We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers thru this.
Thanks everyone.

Until next time…..

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Has it been 2 months??

October 20, 2006 Leave a comment

Was just reading back thru my last few posts, and realized that it has been 2 months since Granny went into the hospital. I’ve done a horrible job of keeping everyone up to date, and I’m sorry about that. Seems like I’ve just kinda lost the last 2 months….
Anyway the latest;
Granny is still in ICU. The doctors held a family meeting on Wednesday to discuss withdrawing life support, as they do not expect Granny to recover. She is becoming septic, and is in near constant pain. I guess at 86; this was just too much trauma to her body for her to recover. Grandad is unable/unwilling to make the decision to withdraw life support, but he is just now coming to terms with her condition, and outcome. At the family meeting, the doctor kept asking what his decision was, and Grandad kept replying “I trust you to do all you can for her, that’s my decision”. The doctor finally sat with him one on one, and explained exactly what was happening, and her condition, prognosis, pain level, etc. The doctor said that his recommendation was not to withdraw support, but to issue a “DNR; Do not escalate” order, which Grandad agreed to. Not sure if he really understood what he agreed to. Yesterday he was furious at the doctor, because he thought he was agreeing to more procedures to make her better, like dialysis, more surgeries, etc. After another meeting with the doctor he understands what is happening, but is not quite able to accept/grasp it fully. Please pray for his comfort and help him to understand.
Granny is slowly declining, her BP and pulse go down slightly every hour, as well as her temperature is slowly dropping. The doctors have put her on a medicine that basically puts her into a drug induced coma, so that she no longer is in so much pain; but of course it makes her non-responsive to anyone around her. Grandad still tries to wake her, and gets frustrated and upset that she doesn’t respond. It’s a mess, and we could all use any prayers that anyone cares to send our way……
Happier stuff – the twins have joined cub scouts, and are working on earning their tiger cube badges. Going on their first camping trip next weekend. They look super cool in their uniforms!!


(PS – if anyone wants to buy some popcorn from them – let us know!!)
Little Matt had his 3rd birthday on the 15th, he’s a big boy now, and wants his own car to drive…..

ooooh, fire

We went to a Home School Days at Latta Plantation last week, and had a good time, Hannah had a blast riding a pony.

hannah's pony ride

We’re getting ready for our church’s fall festival next weekend, check out our handiwork:

y’all take care now, I’ll be back in touch soon.

Until next time…..

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