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Doctor, Doctor give me the news…….

Yeah, not the greatest song, but a fitting title for this week!
Monday – Happy New Year, our insurance deductible starts over again at the beginning of the year, so of course:
Tuesday, Little Matt had an appointment with the urologist; we suspected he may have developed either another hydrocele, or possibly a hernia. After a thorough checkout, turns out he’s fine, nothing to worry about ; doesn’t need another surgery.
Wednesday Hannah had her 5 year checkup, just a normal doctor’s visit, plus a couple shots. Nothing major, except for the fact the doctor spent a looooonnnggg time listening to her chest. Turns out the doc heard a heart murmer . Immediately scheduled an ECG at Brenner Children’s Hospital, and she managed to get an appointment the very next day.
Thursday Hannah went in for her ECG. Besides being scared to death of what was going on, and being very uncomfortable, she was a real trooper. Watched 101 Dalmations thru the whole thing. Turns out all is fine, as the Pediatrician put it, her heart “whistles while it works”, nothing to worry about, but we wanted to be sure.
Friday Happy Friday!

That’s how our week’s been – how ’bout yours?

Until next time…..

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