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Joys of being a kid

April 30, 2007 Leave a comment

heeere’s Austin
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Remember these days? I remember spending hours just sitting up in “my tree” when I was a kid. Am glad they’ve finally discovered tree climbing!

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A pile almost to the ceiling! (Or how to get a $569 washer for $189)

April 4, 2007 Leave a comment

Yikes!!! Wow, so this is what 2 weeks worth of laundry for a family of 6 looks like. About a month ago our washing machine decided to die. It had been acting funny for a while, agitating very sluggishly, taking a long time to start up the spin cycle, and when we noticed a puddle of oil forming underneath it; well we knew it’s time was short. So…….. being a former Sears service dept. employee; I still have their “1-800-4-repair” phone number stamped in my brain and I gave ’em a call. I guess they are still really pushing their employees to sell the maintenance agreements, cause after I gave the girl on the phone all the details – name, rank, serial #, etc, she said “Sir, would you be interested in purchasing a service contract that will cover this repair?” Hmmm, now I thought you couldn’t sell these on broken stuff, but I bit. “Sure – how much?”
$189 for the contract, and it will cover up to $500 worth of repairs.
Well, I was pretty sure that the problem with the washer was the transmission; at least a $200 repair bill so
“Sure, I’ll take it”.
2 days later, Sears tech shows up – needs a transmission. Orders the part. Comes back to install it. Can’t get the nut off……. Overnights a nut. Another tech comes out. Cuts the nut off, but can’t get the basket and drum seperated; even after pounding on it with a hammer for 20 minutes. “OK sir – we need to order a basket and drum assembly; that will cost $900 which exceeds the coverage of your service contract”
Steam starts coming out of my ears.
“Sir, part of your service contract states that if the repairs exceed $500 we will give you $500 credit towards a new machine”
Steam goes away, smile forms.
Ok, great!!!!
Several days later, Sears store calls to inform us they have our $500 voucher towards a washing machine. We go in, Taya looks around at the machines and does her usual – I’ll take the cheapest one – $220. The sales lady looks at her like she’d lost her mind – “You have a $500 voucher here, why not use it? Here’s a nice machine, normally $569, but on sale now for $499.99.”
We take it. Find out that the voucher covers the washer, new hoses, delivery, and haul away service for the old one.
Wow. I KNOW there’s a higher power at work here, what do you think?

P.S. – we reaffirmed the fact that we hate the laundromat!

Until next time…..

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Homeschooling – thoughts

April 2, 2007 3 comments
We know there are several (read aLOT) of people that disagree with our thoughts on homeschooling, how it’s bad for our kids, they don’t get “the chances” that other kids do, etc. We understand where people are coming from. We know you only want “what’s best” for our kids, we know you mean well. But I have to disagree with the stance that public school is the best place for our kids. Not just because NC schools have such an abysmal educational system, not just because of instances like Columbine. There are so many other reasons…… You know I never thought I’d be “one of those people” who kept their kids out of the public school system because of the “seperation of church and state” nightmare. I mean I don’t look like one of those “moral majority” folks, do I? Dad teaching about erosion
But we actually do hold the view that public school is not a place we want our kids to be. A friend of ours posted these thoughts (it rambles a bit, but she has some good points): and I have to say that she hits a lot of it right on the head. We talked a bit about her post last night, and we came to the realization that
1) Public school started 200+ years ago to meet a specific need; to instruct children of parents who were not educated enough to do so themselves. Public school was not an institution where kids spent 8-12 hours a day. They were there for a few hours, then returned home, and received more instruction FROM THEIR PARENTS in how to behave, how to share the workload around the house, and how to play and have fun with other kids. “PE” was spent at home, running around outside having fun.
2) Public school has “evolved” into what it is today – a publicly funded babysitting service, run by the government, bringing all the issues of any government-funded program. A place where kids go during the day to give Mommy and Daddy a break from being a parent. A place to pawn off your kids that’s “safe”. A place where pedophiles are hired on too regular a basis; either to teach the kids, or be a janitor or teacher’s assistant, or some other position which allows them easy access to their prey – kids. A place where you must conform to the group or be ostracized (“you will be assimilated“). Individuality is not important, in fact it is scorned. A place where kids learn from other kids how to pick on other kids, be mean, etc. Yes “kids will be kids”; I know this will always take place. But in a group of 25-30 kids, having 1 singled out as the target is too much on a person, especially a 5-6 year old.
I think that these experiences are necessary. Unless you lock your kids up in a cave somewhere, or move to the wilds of Africa to escape all human contact; kids are going to experience this. BUT it is NOT necessary for kids to experience this stuff without parental guidance. If our kids are going to go thru this hard stuff, we as parents need to be there to explain to them how it’s wrong. We need to explain this is not the way that they should act towards other people. We need to be there to comfort them. NOT some employee of the state, who while they might love kids, they might have kids’ best interest in mind, they’re not the parent. They don’t know the kids as well as the parents (or as well as the parents should). It all boils down to:
We as parents are responsible for our children, and we can’t pawn that responsibility off to anyone else. Period. The handbook of life says it here.
I know this is going to upset people, and I apologize (I have 2 parents that work in the public school system). I just feel strongly about this, and wanted to share my feelings. What started all this is this video. Check it out. Please comment about this. It’s worth talking about. And if you’re on the fence about Homeschooling, I hope this will help you make your choice.

Until next time…..

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