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A pile almost to the ceiling! (Or how to get a $569 washer for $189)

Yikes!!! Wow, so this is what 2 weeks worth of laundry for a family of 6 looks like. About a month ago our washing machine decided to die. It had been acting funny for a while, agitating very sluggishly, taking a long time to start up the spin cycle, and when we noticed a puddle of oil forming underneath it; well we knew it’s time was short. So…….. being a former Sears service dept. employee; I still have their “1-800-4-repair” phone number stamped in my brain and I gave ’em a call. I guess they are still really pushing their employees to sell the maintenance agreements, cause after I gave the girl on the phone all the details – name, rank, serial #, etc, she said “Sir, would you be interested in purchasing a service contract that will cover this repair?” Hmmm, now I thought you couldn’t sell these on broken stuff, but I bit. “Sure – how much?”
$189 for the contract, and it will cover up to $500 worth of repairs.
Well, I was pretty sure that the problem with the washer was the transmission; at least a $200 repair bill so
“Sure, I’ll take it”.
2 days later, Sears tech shows up – needs a transmission. Orders the part. Comes back to install it. Can’t get the nut off……. Overnights a nut. Another tech comes out. Cuts the nut off, but can’t get the basket and drum seperated; even after pounding on it with a hammer for 20 minutes. “OK sir – we need to order a basket and drum assembly; that will cost $900 which exceeds the coverage of your service contract”
Steam starts coming out of my ears.
“Sir, part of your service contract states that if the repairs exceed $500 we will give you $500 credit towards a new machine”
Steam goes away, smile forms.
Ok, great!!!!
Several days later, Sears store calls to inform us they have our $500 voucher towards a washing machine. We go in, Taya looks around at the machines and does her usual – I’ll take the cheapest one – $220. The sales lady looks at her like she’d lost her mind – “You have a $500 voucher here, why not use it? Here’s a nice machine, normally $569, but on sale now for $499.99.”
We take it. Find out that the voucher covers the washer, new hoses, delivery, and haul away service for the old one.
Wow. I KNOW there’s a higher power at work here, what do you think?

P.S. – we reaffirmed the fact that we hate the laundromat!

Until next time…..

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