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Freaky Friday!

Ever have “one of those days”?…. Yep, we all have. Well, this is actually Taya’s day, I got to experience it second hand over the phone.
After working out the logistics for our big evening plans of going to see Spiderman 3 at the Drive in Friday night, Taya dropped me back at work after lunch. Within the hour I get a panicked phone call “I’m on the way to the doctor’s office, Mini-Matt just fell out a window” (yikes!). Apparently his sister had opened the window in the bedroom, and he was leaning up against the screen, which finally got tired of holding his weight, bent, and popped out of the window frame. Out he went, landing on his head. As you can kinda tell, the windows are a bit high:
scrub scrub scrub
Hence, the rushed trip to the doctor, and the phone call. Not 10 minutes later I get another phone call “I didn’t make it to the doctor’s office, I had a wreck” (!!!!!!!!!!!) Y’know that sinking feeling in your stomach? Then “But everyone’s OK”. Ok, sinking feeling goes away, a little. I caught a ride from a friend at work, and went to make sure everyone really was OK. (Taya has a BAD habit of understating her own injuries; ask her about the burn on the back of her hand) Turns out everyone was fine, the kids were hanging out in the van watching Veggie Tales while Mommy talked to the officers. We find out a little later that Austin was a little nervous, thinking Mommy might be going to jail, that’s why Daddy showed up. But, no tickets were issued, nobody went to jail, and most importantly nobody was hurt. The lady that pulled in front of Taya was stiff and sore, but she was in much better shape than her Kia. It needed a tow truck to go anywhere – the back suspension was bent pretty badly. Taya’s van has some broken plastic on the grille, and ripped vinyl on the bumper. Kinda glad she drives a big tank, with the way people drive around here you never know what’s gonna happen (look at #3 on the list).
Anyway; Mini-Matt made it to the doctor a little later, he checked out fine, just a couple little scrapes on his cheek. All’s well that ends well I guess.
Oh, and Spiderman 3 – AWESOME movie 🙂

Until next time…..

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