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Mini Matt’s tooth pulled out :-(

Wow…. You know how they say the youngest child is always the wildest? It’s true…..
Our new 4 year old (4 yr & 1 1/2 mo.) is now missing one of his top front teeth. Back a couple months ago he was doing something(?) wild and crazy, and banged his tooth on something (??). Back in mid-November he got to go to his first Dental checkup. Turns out his little mishap actually killed his top baby tooth. The dentist looked at his X-Ray and said that the roots were receeding and his tooth will probably fall out early. Oh and “there’s a slight chance” he could develop an infection because of his receeding roots. Well……. “slight chance” in Mini Matt’s world is a 100% guarantee. He developed an abcess Friday evening just about the time the dentist’s office closed.
First thing Monday (Thanksgiving week), we’re making arrangements with the dentist to have his tooth pulled, after a round of antibiotics, and a really fun time trying to fill a prescription for Versed to calm him down.
Everything turned out fine, and Mini is $1.50 richer after a visit from the toof faiwee. 🙂
So, how was your Thanksgiving?

Until next time…..

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