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"Beware of what you eat. You are on your own."

February 10, 2009 1 comment

Senator Tom Harkin announces to Americans in Senate Agriculture Hearing. U.S. Senators say public health officials failed the public. “To say that food safety in this country is a patchwork system is giving it too much credit. Food safety in America has too often become a hit-or-miss gamble, and that is truly frightening. When Americans can’t count on the safety of basic items that go into our children?s lunch boxes, then we are in big trouble.”

Comforting words from the people who are supposed to be on our side, the ones who are supposed to be protecting us – the government of these United States. The ones who are charged to serve the people of this great country, but we see dodging the tax man, and selling senate seats to the highest bidder. Don’t get me started..

Ok, we’re done. I mean it. If we can’t grow it, raise it, harvest it, we don’t need it. No more prepacked stuff. Even our Peanut Butter. Yes, we bought the peanuts, but in the next month we’ll be planting our own. No more junk from the grocery store in convenient little packs. It’s like playing Russian roullete with food. I am soooooo tired of all of this – paying taxes to line the pockets of Citibank and GM execs while we quake in fear because the FDA supposedly doesn’t have enough money to safeguard our friggin’ food. It gives me indigestion to think about it. Or maybe it’s the salmonella talking.

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Things that make me go hmmmm…..

February 2, 2009 1 comment

Had a weird experience today….. Stopped at a gas station to fill up, was getting ready to pull away, and a kinda scruffy-looking guy came up and asked for a ride to the comic book store so he and a friend could sell some comic books. ‘Course, first thing I think – some homeless guy trying to hussle me for money. But, something told me to take a chance, So I said OK. He called his friend over, and we headed down the road. We got to talking a bit; introduced ourselves. I found out they were homeless, staying at a local shelter and had come across some old comic books in a basement somewhere, “and we didn’t even steal them”. They had walked about 10 miles trying to find this comic book store so they could sell them. They both kept thanking me over and over, I thought it was weird, it was not a big deal to give a couple guys a ride up the road, in the direction I was going. It wasn’t putting me out any, didn’t cost me anything. So what if they were homeless; what if I were in their shoes? Then one of them said something that really made me stop and think. He said
“You know, when I was walking down to that gas station to ask for a ride, I saw you, and you looked like a big scary biker dude; so I figured you were safe.”

Wha?….. So “big scary biker dudes” are safe? Kinda backwards, isn’t it? Aren’t big scary biker dudes the ones that your parents tell you to stay away from? Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to look scary, or anything. Yes, I have longish hair, I’m a little bigger than average, but I don’t go around growling at people (much).

Really is making me think though – the people that really need our help, the homeless folks, the people without enough to eat, the down and out – they trust someone that looks “scary” over your average Joe? What does this say about society, both in the Church, and outside of the Church? Does this mean that the clean-cut looking Christian is viewed by someone in need as untrustworthy? Why??? This really perplexes/worries me. Maybe this is just an isolated incident, I dunno. I have some more pondering to do on this subject; but y’all please put your 2cents in on this subject. I’m really curious about how everyone feels/thinks about this.
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