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No more grass, just veggies

Anyone wanna buy a riding mower 🙂

We have 2 riding mowers, and a lot less to mow this year! With the back yard turned into goat pasture, and the front yard becoming 100% raised beds; I may be able to get away with using a pair of scissors to mow from now on.

But seriously – it’s really neat getting everyone to work together as a family on the raised beds project, all 4 of the rugrats pitched in to help, and even managed to sorta work together, in the strange way that kids do.

It’s SO hard waiting for spring to arrive fully here. We’ve had several ‘teaser’ weekends, and it just makes it harder to wait. Our friend brought his tractor over and tilled the lower garden this week, we’re planning on putting in a bunch of extra corn this year, hopefully we can grow more of our own feed for the chickens and ducks. The price of feed seems to be going nowhere but up. We’re planning on raising a pig next year too, so we’ll really need to put in a lot of corn for a bacon-machine. Anyway, I’ll share more in a later post – hope y’all are getting some tastes of spring too.

Until next time…..

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