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Almost illegal to have a conscience?

Heard a news report on the radio the other morning, talking about our fearless leader’s the current president’s mr. Obama’s move to overturn the “Conscience Laws” dealing with abortion.
Basically the Federal Government will decide for doctors what their moral convictions have to be. From what I understand from the Heritage Foundation article, Obama and his puppetmasters administration plan to overturn the regulations that protect a health care professional from being forced into performing procedures, or even making referrals for such procedures that go against the health care professional’s moral or religious beliefs. To quote the article linked above:
While numerous federal laws and programs spend billions of dollars each year to promote access to health care services, including reproductive services, conscience protection laws are based on the premise that the nation should never require the violation of individual moral or religious beliefs to achieve health care access. These laws ensure that Americans from diverse faith and philosophical backgrounds are free to pursue their professional calling without fear of persecution or coercion.”
Honestly – isn’t repealing the protection of the “Conscience Laws” just another step in the attempt to curtail our God-given rights protected by the U.S. Constitution? I’m going to try not to get too awful steamed about this, but the pressure’s building…..

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  1. Kristen
    April 12, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    I know…I am right there with you. It is so true about puppetmasters- oops, was I not supposed to see that? LOL. I wrote a couple of blogs regarding Mr. O and his lovely Special Olympics remark. A response back to me was that “her beloved President did not mean anything by it”. Excuses, excuses…

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