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How Does Your Garden Grow

Here it is, early May – and we’ve already had a meal out of our garden!!! ‘Course it was “just” lettuce, but how can you beat FRESH lettuce? LettuceOnionsCarrots We had our first strawberry of the year – in a couple of days we’re gonna have strawberries coming out of our ears. YUMMY. MMS_Resized_Pix.jpg
We’ve got a large corn plot planted this year. Hills and hills and hills of corn Gonna try out the “three sisters” method for corn. Hopefully it will give us a good crop, plus not be as weedy as it was last year. Peas, carrots, beans, onions are all coming along nicely. Life on “the farm” is busy this time of year, but it sure is worth it when you’re eating the fruits of your labor in January!

Until next time…..

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