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Letter to NC Senator Hagan

I urge you to oppose the federal public “insurance” program that is currently proposed. Like everyone, I believe healthcare is important, but I absolutely disagree with a federally-funded system, because there is no such thing.
The only way governments can fund anything is by printing money or taking it from people who produce it by force.
Printing money causes inflation, and the result is higher prices for everything, because each new dollar is worth less. Those in most need of health care are the ones who have turned to the federal government for security, and yet it was the federal government that created this mess in the first place by its excessive regulation of the healthcare system (making it more expensive to do business) AND its inflationary financial policies.
The other option is to tax the wealthy to pay for healthcare. Let’s look at that in another way – Take money by force from some people and give to other people. That’s what taxing some to pay for other’s healthcare amounts to.
I do not agree with forcing people to come to another’s aid. It is MY CHOICE, NOT my government’s mandate to come to the aid of others.
Is it ok for a person to go to a neighbor and force him at gun point to give him money for healthcare? I hope you would say no.
What if several neighbors force the more prosperous neighbors to pay for their healthcare? Again, I hope you would say that this was wrong.
How about if the neighborhood created a government to do it? All of a sudden, forcing people to give up their money for other people becomes a duty and a right, no longer a choice.
Again, I urge you to oppose the proposed federal public “insurance” program that is currently proposed. This program is NOT in the best interest of We The People.

Until next time…..

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