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This coming Tuesday, 9/8 this propaganda video is supposed to broadcast in our nation’s government schools. Creepy….

Perception…… Satan masquerades as an angel of light. There is very little good in what this propaganda video is spewing. The encouragement to finish your education, the basic reading/writing/math/science. Not to drop out of education and just be a bum on the street. But that’s where it ends. God is serious about our lives and the way we use knowledge. Are we going to take the math and science, get into a college and use it to line our pockets at the expense of others? Or are we going to use it to bring help to the human race?

Satan wants young people indoctrinated with philosophies that go against everything God desires for them. Their young minds are being warped into believing that free thinking needs to be “reported” to the proper authorities, just as Hitler did. Children need to be allowed their childhood. Obama and his puppet masters need to keep their slimy tentacles out of elementary school children’s brains.

Teenagers CAN be responsible and rise to great expectations. But our nation has been dumbed down to such an extent that the majority of people now believe teens are nothing more than walking hormones stuck in video games and texting. They themselves have been indoctrinated to believe that.

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